Real Swell

You might have noticed here in Cyprus that they often serve Almonds on ice as part of the Meze. They always seem so much more delicious than the dusty old dried Almonds I buy in a packet & I now know why!

My Original STATE

Following on from sprouting seeds & beans I’d like to mention soaks. Unlike seeds, grains & beans, when you soak, rinse & drain an Almond its highly unlikely (I can’t say impossible as I don’t know) to sprout, hence being given the name ‘Soaks’. Pumpkin, Peanut & Sunflower are also Soaks! Similarly to grains/beans etc Nuts can effect the stomach in a bad way, now according to my research by soaking them it also makes them more digestible (correct me if I am wrong) so not only are they tastier they are better for you! So thanks Archway for showing me your nuts on ice! 😉

I've Had A Bit of Work Done.. Fillers..

Its not hard- just tip the packets of dried nuts into an empty container, cover with mineral water & leave to soak! Serve over ice.. Everyone will wonder how your nuts are the nuts!

Ice, Ice, Baby


I’ve only tried Almonds so far & they are addictive! I have a bowl of Hazelnuts in Soak at the moment so I’ll report back..


They keep well in the fridge for a (as the Americans say) ‘Go To’ snack


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