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I Didn’t Know Sprouting Is So Popular!

I have noticed people searching for information on Sprouting so I thought I’d give a quick update to say I have Black Eyed Beans/Peas in soak now so I shall start them off sprouting in my BioSnacky Jar in the morning and I also have some White Beans in soak, that is all it says on the packet so I am not sure which white bean they are I will have to do some Google searches for images! I thought they may be Cannellini Beans but looking at photos of them they have a pink hue..

And just to re cap don’t sprout Kidney Beans (I noticed one search for that came up in my Blog Stats!)

Black Eyed Beans/Peas

White Beans

Today I managed to buy (on the Greek Side, Carrefour) a few new beans to try sprouting; Adzuki, Soya & Flageolet. They had lots of others I will try next time like Puy Lentils. I also restocked on Mung Beans!

I have the Adzuki & Soya Beans soaking now..

Soya Beans Soak


Soya Beans Start to Sprout

I let the Soya Beans sprout longer & I think this made them too tough- I just threw them on the vegetable patch! I think I will try them again but in a colander with a weight pressing down (like with Mung Beans)..


Adzuki Beans Soak

Adzuki Beans are still in the Bio Snacky jar- I’m not sure about these! I keep trying them but they aren’t my favourite..

The White Beans don’t seem to be doing very well, I have moved them to a colander as maybe they are cramped in the jam jar, a few of them are just starting to bulge where the sprout will be.. ** Well as an update they started to smell bad & I threw them away, I wonder if they had been treated which stopped them from growing **

White Beans in Colander

The Black Eye Beans/Peas are doing well, I went through picking the skins off as they are floating about when I rinse them, I ate a couple that were ready- they are nice..

Black Eyed Beans Some with Sprouts

Black Eyed Bean Sprout


Chick Peas- Good Size Sprouts



Chick Peas- Sprouted too Long



I can see why Chick Peas are one of the mostly popular sprouts.. I don’t even like Chick Peas normally but sprouted they taste different! They are nice raw on salad or also boiled for 5 minutes to have hot.. Don’t sprout them for too long, they tasted best when the sprouts were quite small!

This week I am going to try Flageolet Beans


Sprouting Seeds & Beans



From one extreme to the next but as my Nail Technician, Lisa @ Topaz Nails (she’s very good!) pointed out yesterday when I mentioned how much fat went into the Flaky Pastry for the Pie & Mash ‘that’s probably why they say who ate all the pies!’ So I guess pies aren’t diet food (goddammit)..

Ready for a Stir Fry

Luckily I’ve become obsessed with sprouting anything I have in the cupboard or see in the supermarket! According to the many sprouting websites I have been perusing, SPROUTS are full of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and enzymes. AND supposedly they are anti ageing (that’s me won over already then).. It seems to be a very popular past time as there are countless sites devoted to sprouting & the seeds, equipment and recipes that go with it. I think most people know that beans & grains can be hard for our stomachs to digest, so if by sprouting this makes it easier I am game to try it.. Besides ‘Sprouted Hummus’ sounds a lot more exotic. I’d really like to read ‘Nourishing Traditions‘ by Sally Fallon, it gets countless mentions on line with rave reviews- I’m just nosy, I want to know why!

Bio Snacky Sprouter

My Sister bought me a Bio Snacky sprouting jar (pictured above) & a packet of seed mix (I’m not a Budgie I promise) to sprout but you can use a clean jam jar with some muslin cloth over the opening, with an elastic band to secure. Its quite simple- you soak the seeds or beans overnight, drain & tip the jar up on an angle (with a plate underneath to catch any water drips). You should fill the jar with water, swish round, drain & return to position 2-3 times a day. The seeds sprout at different rates & you should test them regularly to see at which point you’d like to stop sprouting and eat them!

I'm Good with Egg Mayo

Mustard Cress Seeds & Sprout

Alfalfa Fridge ready for Salads & Sandwiches

Alfalfa Seed & Sprout

I picked up a couple of random packets of  seed in the supermarket- once I translated the Turkish using my dictionary I realised I had Alfalfa & Mustard Cress- I vaguely remembered growing Cress at school, so thinking this must be easy I threw them in the Bio Snacky jar, covered them with water & left them to it. The next day I tried to drain the water out & it wouldn’t budge, they seemed to have morphed into miniature frog spawn with a jelly coating covering the seeds. After some Googling I found out that they are one of the seeds which you can’t germinate in the jar! I poured them onto a clean mesh that I had & the jelly soon dried out, the seeds sprouted & grabbed onto the holes in the fabric making it easy to give them a rinse a couple of times a day till I gave them a haircut & put them in the fridge for storage. I love the spicy taste of the Mustard Cress! Although the Alfalfa looks very similar to it once sprouted it is actually quite bland. I think I’d use it as a garnish as it looks quite pretty & wouldn’t over power any other flavours .. Plus it will make me look 17 (here’s hoping!)

Almost Laboratory style Conditions.. HA!

I know the above picture looks like a piece of Modern Art but it was actually my best shot at sprouting some Mung Beans into decent sized bean sprouts, the type you would get in a stir fry or associate with Chinese food. From what I have read in regards to sprouting these ones are simple to do, but won’t result in the same thing we get at the supermarket (well in Tesco I rarely see them here in Cyprus- again Tempo you lead the way for random food stuffs). This is because commercial Mung Bean Sprouts are grown using all sorts of trickery & unless you try to mimic some of these techniques you are going to have weeds instead of fat sprouts!

..If you Apply some Pressure!

Mung Beans & Radish Seeds

From what I gather the Mung Bean Sprouts need to have pressure applied no not like ‘can you take the bins out at any point in the near future dearest husband’ or else but actually physical pressure & no not whack him with the frying pan! I digress.. I decided to place the beans in a colander after soaking as my Bio Snacky was full with seeds, then I found a heavy glass bowl, filled it with water and placed it on top of the beans.

If you want to keep them as white as possible they must be kept in the dark, hence the tea towel (yes its clean) & then the banana (originally a bunch but they go so nicely in toasted Peanut Butter sandwiches) is to give off its special ripening gases & encourage my sprouts to grow big & strong! I think it worked

Mung Bean & Bean Sprout (Chinese Style)

The only problem I have now I can sprout a good Chinese bean sprout is where to buy some Mung Beans in Kyrenia, any ideas? If not I will be bringing some back from London next month as I like them in my Chilli Chicken Ramen (more on this later) & I can’t always rely on Tempo they normally only have one or two packs!

I have also sprouted Green Lentils- I really like these they are spicy & nutty tasting and I have found the more of a sprout they grow the more they taste like fresh raw peas, which I love. According to the internet most people eat lentils with just a barely there hint of sprout.. I can’t think why, the sprout is the fun bit! I have been eating them out of the pot as a snack & also throwing on everything I see like sandwiches & soup (Carrot & Coriander).

Green Lentils with medium sprouts

Sprouted So Far

Mung Beans

Radish Seeds

Alfalfa Seeds

Mustard Cress Seeds

Green Lentils

Next On The Hit List

Chick Peas

Black Eyed Beans/Peas

Orange Lentils

White Beans

Don’t Bother With:

Red (Orange Coloured) Lentils- I tried to sprout some whilst making my soup, they didn’t sprout they just turned Rank!


To be Continued….


NEVER try to sprout Kidney Beans & eat them! They are TOXIC 😦

Always check with a reputable seed/sprouting website/book if you are unsure about the safety of sprouting/eating a seed or bean/legume/grain.

Some people like to lightly steam sprouted beans & lentils- even steamed they are purportedly better for you than un sprouted.

Introduce them into your diet slowly, you don’t want to shock your gut!